Newsweek, April 29, featured an email round table discussion by pro-aborts on “The future of the abortion-rights movement.” Abortion proponents were given 3k+ of unchallenged word space to show how civil, respectful, intelligent, and thoughtful they were.
I wondered how it would feel for Newsweek to give pro-lifers such nice treatment, equivalent to an MSM pedicure?
But I made up my mind a long time ago there’s no sense pining for fairness from MSM, much less pampering. Hence, here I am. That said, I do note the bias every now and then when it’s flagrant, such as was that Newsweek piece.
And here’s another fine example.
Cecile Richards, New York Times, oranges, abortion.jpg
On April 29, the New York Times did a nice puff piece on Cecile Richards, distancing her as far as is humanly possible, I think, from the reality that she is CEO of the United States’ largest abortion profiteer… from the reality that suctioning and dicing babies is actually what gives Richards her comfortable life.
NYT portrayed Richards as a conscientious wife and mom of 3 who, yes, even bakes apple pies! – while currently reading War and Peace on her iTouch in between jogging through Central Park before purchasing organic fruits to take to her Upper West Side apartment for which she is currently shopping SoHo for just the right chairs.
Very nice. One thing I did learn was Richards’ husband is Kirk Adams, “a health care organizer for the Service Employees International Union,” according to NYT, a match made in Obama hell.

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