I received this email from pro-lifer Tom Dekker of Sunnyside, WA, a little while ago:

You have been such an encouragement to me and my family, I want to pass along the events of my morning to you in hopes that it will be an encouragement to you.

planned parenthood sunnyside.jpg

I stopped by the gas station down the street from my office to buy a soda. There was an Asian woman at the counter asking for directions in broken English.
I recognized the street name from a new business development in town.
There are 3 businesses on the street, and the only one open is Planned Parenthood [pictured left], but I offered to drive there and have them follow me….

When we got to the intersection, I stopped to ask what business they were looking for, and the young mother explained to me that she was pregnant and “needed” to have an abortion. I told her that my mother couldn’t keep me when I was born, but instead gave me up for adoption. I asked her to please not have an abortion, and to follow me to a better place with more choices for her.
She, her husband and 18-month-old boy followed me 10 miles to Life Options, our local CareNet pregnancy center. (We stopped by the local office, but they were closed, so I asked them to follow me to the Grandview office.) By the grace of God, they followed a complete stranger. I got all 3 of them inside, and as I left, the nurse was coming out to give them counseling.
I have absolutely no doubt that the events of this morning were orchestrated by God. Please keep the young mother (Judy) in your prayers.

bloom where planted.jpg

And, at least for this morning in Sunnyside, WA, the score is Life, 1; Planned Parenthood, 0.

Tom’s email was indeed a wonderful encouragement to me, and he gave me permission to encourage you with it, too. Please keep Judy, her baby, and their family in your prayers.
Some lessons: Always have your antennae up, and bloom where you are planted.
Good work, Tom. Today, all across the country, pro-lifers like Tom are helping mothers and saving babies in all sorts of ways. This post is dedicated to them.
[Flower graphic via LiveAction.org]

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