The TLC promo…

One hour special premiering this Sunday at 9p. After 4 months of uncertainty and challenges, Josie Brooklyn is finally released from the hospital and reunited with the rest of the Duggar family. Watch as Jim Bob, Michelle, and Josie’s 18 siblings prepare for this emotional homecoming.

Check your local listings on the time, this TLC listing says the special will air at 8p. Could be 9p ET, 8p CT…. or 8p ET, 7p CT. Just check.
We already know Josie’s trip home was short-lived. Per People, May 5:

At just 8-days-old Josie suffered a perforated bowel….

duggars josie comes home.jpg

She survived without surgery and continued to stabilize – so much so that she was released from the hospital on April 6 with the understanding that doctors would follow her closely on an outpatient basis – with surgery likely in her future when she was bigger. “I was excited she was home,” says Michelle, “but I was worried because I’ve never cared for a baby so tiny before.”
Her fears were realized just two days later when Josie had to be rushed back to the NICU after her vital signs dropped….
Josie’s emotional, though brief, homecoming will be featured in a TLC Mother’s Day special, 19 Kids and Counting: Josie Comes Home, on Sunday, May 9 at 8p. Her trip back to the hospital will be shown on the show on Tuesday, May 11 at 9p.
The Duggars are hopeful Josie will continue to gain weight and get to a place where further testing and any possible surgeries can be done, maybe even taking her home again in the next weeks….

Here some more “sneak peak” clips of tonight’s show from TLC

[HT for People article: proofreader Laura Loo]

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