On May 24 British television began airing its first abortion ad, sponsored by international abortion organization Marie Stopes International:

The ad never mentions abortion, but the message is clear: If you find you’re pregnant but are just launching a career, or already a harried mother, or still in school, call us to get rid of the problem. If you’re late! you’re late! for a very important date – abort!…

We don’t hear much about Marie Stopes International here in the US, but as LifeSiteNews.com points out, MSI is “one of the major players in the international population control movement.”
MSI’s most recent annual report stated it would commit 500,000 abortions worldwide in 2007, including late-term up to 24 weeks.
MSI operates 560 “centres” in 42 countries (in the US only fundraising and PR). If MSI can’t surgically abort, it will provide RU486 chemical abortion kits (click to enlarge)…
marie stopes chemical abortions.png
… not confining itself to legal technicalities, as in, “We do illegal abortions all over the world”…

No surprise, MSI partners with China to conduct its coerced one-child policy.
Ironically, the night before MSI’s ad began airing in Britain, pregnant mother Durga Devi Khadka died at an MSI abortion mill in Nepal due to “sheer negligence on the part of doctors… while undergoing abortion of a 10-week fetus,” according to MyRepublica.com.
The UK abortion ad flak got me thinking that while pro-life groups in the US have been running pro-life tv ads for years, the abortion industry has not, to my knowledge.
I wonder why not. Although there would be a major stir, and certain networks and tv shows might balk for fear of boycotts and bad PR, where there’s a will, there’s a way. I’m sure MTV, for instance, would run such ads.
In Planned Parenthood’s case, it has tried so hard to claim only “three percent” of its business comes from abortion (although truth be told, ~ 37% of its profits come from abortion), it can’t really advertise for it.
Although never say never.
There are indeed many great pro-life ads produced, such as by Vitae Caring Foundation and Life Commercials.
Here are a couple new ones by Heroic Media, being aired in WI by the WI Veritas Society

Pro-lifers offer pregnant mothers in crisis what they really need – comfort, encouragement, and free, sacrificial help….

Pro-abort ideologues are lazy and self-centered, only willing to go so far as to lift a finger to point pregnant mothers in crisis to abortion mills like MSI and PP, both of which make quite a profit off of the crisis.
[HT: GerardNadal.com]

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