pp collection.jpgUPDATE, 5/22, 6:35a: Results of the baby shower, from Sue of Coalition for Life of IA:

The baby shower was very successful. The complete back end of my Ford Ranger was full. I had to ask a friend to help; we filled the back of her van. I dropped off at the local crisis pregnancy centers today. They were very appreciative.

5/21, 4p: They say all publicity is good publicity, but I’m sure that was small consolation yesterday to both Planned Parenthood of East Central Iowa and the Cedar Rapids Marriott when all the news crews pulled up to cover the Cedar Rapid PP’s little 30th anniversary celebration, featuring CEO Cecile Richards….

cedar rapids photo 1.jpg
And I do mean little. KCRG reported, “Organizers expected about 200 people.”
PP booth.jpgReally? That’s it? Where this PP’s state headquarters are located? To greet their national leader?
I would have guessed that translated to an actual anticipated number of 150-175, but even that was high, because a pro-life spy reported, “A girl was sitting at the table that was covered with name tags – it wasn’t all that big a table, so there must have been fewer than 100 attendees.” She got a shaky photo of that table, above left. (Click to enlarge.)
And I expect 1/3 to 1/2 of those attending were paid staff who were forced to go or volunteers given free tickets. Paltry and pathetic.
Compare that to last month’s Dubuque Co. Right to Life banquet (at which I spoke!) that had 600 attendees.
And compare that to over 180 pro-life protesters counted yesterday (click on photos to enlarge)….

pp cedar rapids protest.jpgPP cedar rapids protest 2.jpg

But I digress.
cedar rapids gazette.jpgAccording to Dubuque Co. RTL president Steve Brody, 3 tv stations and the Cedar Rapids Gazette all showed, interviewing both him and Pro-Life Action League’s Eric Scheidler. Steve emailed, “In fact the photo taken in the Gazette story [on right] shows me taking a photo of the demonstrators.”
Steve said KGAN provided the best coverage. Notice the condom centerpieces on the tables:

Steve reported:

We had folks from IA, IL, NE, and even KS at the event. So it was truly a coalition of Midwest pro-life organizations, including the Truth Truck sent by Operation Rescue to drive around the area, which was great.
I hope someone took a picture of the elderly nuns who were standing in the rain to demonstrate why PP needed such a heavy police and FBI presence.

See more photos at Flickr.
Steve also reported:

It appears that from all the news stories that Cecile Richards did media interviews one at a time with each of the media outlets with Jennifer Vick at her side. Jennifer works for PP of East Central IA. It’s interesting that CEO Joe Lock was neither interviewed nor with Cecile for the media interviews. It would seem that they wanted to just show women.

Here was a PP infomercial disguised as a KCRG news story

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