web grab.jpgby JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • A Naples, FL Planned Parenthood patient was transported to a hospital by emergency vehicle on Monday, the only day the PP of Collier County performs abortions.
  • The OK House has overridden another one of Gov. Brad Henry’s vetoes on pro-life legislation. It was a bill which requires women seeking abortions to provide basic information…
  • Information a woman would have to give includes marital status, age, race, education, number of births, number of miscarriages, number of induced abortions and type of abortion.

    Is “controversial” really the correct term for a bill which passed 84-13?

  • At the same time that Marie Stopes is advertising their abortion services on television in the UK, they botched an abortion and killed a woman in India.
  • The Daily of the University of Washington has an article about a Genocide Awareness Project display on campus.
  • In the UK, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has a draft policy which advises young people to have a stockpile of emergency contraception kept at home. Here’s an interesting quote:

    Penny Barber, chief executive of the Brook Advisory Centre in Birmingham, who helped compile the draft guidance, said: “We know emergency contraception is more effective the sooner you use it after sex so it’s crucial young women have it on hand in case they need it.
    “Evidence demonstrates that making emergency contraception available in advance does not change the amount of sex young people have.”

    It’s interesting because those same studies show that making emergency contraception available in advance does nothing to reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies and abortions. If the goal is to reduce unplanned pregnancies then why is NICE focusing on a tactic (providing emergency contraception in advance) which has proven over and over as ineffective at reducing the number of unplanned pregnancies? It’s like they keep believing it will work in spite of all the evidence to contrary.

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