michael king planned parenthood 2.pngHow do you spend your holidays? Members of an IN pro-life activist group called Intercessors for Life spend theirs picketing the Noblesville, IN, home of abortionist Michael S. King, who slices and dices at 3 Planned Parenthood mills in Indianapolis. View video here of their July 4, 2009, picket and here of their November 26, 2009 picket.
Word to the wise: a lawnmower can function as a postborn abortion machine. In the following video, taken 2 days ago on Memorial Day, King’s wife Shelley gave pro-lifers the finger before trying to shoo them off with her mean blades. But Shelley quickly remembered pro-aborts can’t pick on people their own size and walked off in a tiff….

[HT: Todd Bullis]

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