question mark green.jpgNARAL Pro-Choice VA has removed a blog post identifying 1 state senator and 5 state representatives who it met with in April for a “legislative debriefing” (although the post is cached here, and I saved a screen shot just for fun). Here was an interesting quote (underline/italics theirs):

In the last part of the evening, we had an enlightening impromptu discussion about ceding battles of language to anti-choicers. Although we know that they are not “pro-life” (as one attendee said, we are pro-life, we are the ones who care about saving lives), we often use other anti-choice word choices without realizing it or considering the consequences….

There is no such thing as a “partial-birth abortion.” Humans are not “babies” until they are born alive. We are PRO-CHOICE, not “abortionists.” Pregnant women are women who happen to be pregnant, they are not “mothers” until they have children.
When we allow the anti-choicers to shift the debate using words like “life” and “unborn,” we give them power. If you haven’t before, it’s time to become more cognizant of the words you use.

Hear, hear. It is indeed important to be cognizant of the words we use.
pro-f-choice-2.pngAs illustrated, the other side cannot stand being correctly identified as “pro-abortion” or “pro-abort,” which is terminology I always use (unless I’m having a productive conversation with an abortion supporter and don’t want to alienate him/her). What’s the prob?
And they are indeed abortionists, no different than podiatrists or orthodontists or gynecologists. Again, what’s the prob?
Yes, I do say “pregnant mother,” not “pregnant woman,” because a woman is biologically a mother from the moment she conceives, not from the moment she gives birth.
As a matter of fact, I don’t say “unborn,” I say “preborn.” I think that’s more positive.
Also, as a matter of fact, NARAL, there is indeed such a thing as a “partial-birth abortion.” It has been identified and defined by law.
Other phraseology…
I say “commit abortion,” not “perform abortion,” to make it sound like the criminal act it really is.
And I try to say “human embryo experimentation” rather than “embryonic stem cell research.”
Yes, NARAL is right. Language is powerful. What other pro- and anti-life terminology are you aware of?
[HT for NARAL post:]

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