fetus cookies 4.jpgA chagrined but valiant Rachel Joy Larris (aka NewsCat_in_DC) attempted yesterday to defend her fetus cookies on the Abortion Gang blog in the post, “Fetus cookies, or absurdity as activism.”
Larris claimed 1 goal accomplished was “driv[ing] the anti-choice side a bit crazy,” namely moi. Well, no, we were simply disgusted, which Larris’s fellow pro-aborts frankly explained to her deluded self:

It also may crossed a line of good taste, even for ardent pro-choice activists….
Afterwards some of my pro-choice friends who aren’t activists, chided me for the prank. They said I was adding fuel to the antis’ fire and making the pro-choice side look bad….

Right. And such antics trivialize what reputable pro-aborts acknowledge: Abortion is bloody serious. Or not. Larris thinks mocking at our arguments helps:

When the other side is making an irrational argument, the best response may not be to make a rational argument. I know this can sound counter-intuitive, but… I think by highlighting the absurdity of the anti-choice movement we can gain more supporters, not less.

krishna rajanna refrigerator.jpgAs an aside, the 4 “irrational” pro-life “myths” Larris cited as examples were that abortionists can cannibalize, an incident described by an abortion worker (photo left is of containers of aborted babies in Krishna Rajanna’s office refrigerator – see more here); that babies can be aborted whole and alive and left in hospital linen closets to die, which even Barack Obama acknowledged; that emergency contraception doesn’t cause abortions, when 1 has only to look at its own packaging to read “it may inhibit implantation”; and “that the healthcare reform act funds abortions,” which is true.
So Larris needs to dig a little deeper for irrational pro-life myths to mock.
Nevertheless, do you agree that reaching to the absurd “gain[s] more supporters, not less”? Bear in mind there are also absurd players on our side.

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