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  • According to a poll of Russians, 41% of the country favors a complete abortion ban, up from 8% in 1998. Another 25% of the country only approves of “therapeutic” abortions.
  • At ABC News, Susan Donaldson James has another piece (her last one was a weakly veiled piece promoting Cytotec) on one of drugs in the chemical abortion cocktail. This piece focuses on depression studies performed by Mifeprex’s (RU-486) manufacturer, and on how one 53-year-old lady is using the drug as an anti-depressant:

One has to be cautious, though, because depression waxes and wanes on its own, and it’s always hard when looking at a small number of people, whether it is the effect of the drug, or if it would go away anyway,” said Robbins. “We have to make sure we are careful with the studies. There is a long history of people making claims about substances helping depression.”

But, he warns, taking a drug for an off-label use can be dangerous — and not only for Cheryl’s health.

“I have delayed telling my story for so many years, and the main reason is because I am risking my ability to get this drug for my own well-being,” she said. “It’s a federal offense. RU-486 is a schedule 1 drug, the most controlled we have.”

Cheryl, who is uninsurable except in an expensive high-risk pool, said she averages about $15k to $20k a year on her drugs. Her lucrative high-tech job allows her to medicate herself.

  • Scottish doctors plan on injecting fetal stem cells developed from a 12-week aborted child into the brains of stroke patients:

    ReNeuron, the British biotechnology firm behind the project, are waiting to get final clearance for the surgery.

    When they do, Dr. [Keith] Muir will inject the contents of a single vial of the stem cells into the brain of the successful volunteer.

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