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  • In Los Angeles, a woman has been sentenced to 30 years to life in prison for killing a pregnant woman and her unborn child:
  • Unique K. Bishop was convicted April 29 of the second-degree murders of Shontae Blanche, 22, and “Baby Blanche,” during a Nov. 5, 2007, melee that involved as many as 30 women and was related to a dispute over two women dating the same man.

    At the height of the disturbance, Bishop drove her car into a crowd at the gas station…. She also injured another woman as her car careened into the crowd.

  • An abortion protester in Pittsburgh named Keith Tucci is suing the city, claiming that he has been harassed by police.
  • A British teen has been discharged after doctors in Italy replaced her trachea with a trachea created from the cartilage of a donor and her own stem cells:
  • The girl’s stem cells were grafted on to the cartilage of another trachea, from a donor, which had been stripped of its own cells.

    A similar operation was conducted on British boy in March but in that case the stem cells for the windpipe were grown inside the body. For this latest trachea transplant stem cells were used to grow a new trachea outside the body.

    Because the new trachea contained no cells from another person, no anti-rejection drugs were needed.

    Dr. Walter Giovannini, from AOU Careggi Hospital in Florence… said the British woman was speaking after only 3 or 4 days after the surgeries on July 3 and 13.

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