web grab.jpgby JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • A SC organization which helps pregnant teens and young moms has moved in and renovated a former abortion clinic.
  • I’m not sure a Carroll County Times letter to the editor writer named Jim Sipes knows what he “completely” believes:
  • I am in agreement that abortion is the taking of a life. I completely believe this. However, I also believe that no man or government has the right to dictate to any human being what they can do with their bodies.

    One wonders how Mr. Sipes would argue a law was passed to allow persons to use their bodies to kill him. If the government can’t dictate what any human being can do with their bodies, then why can’t someone strangle Mr. Sipes?

  • FoxNews has an article on the grad student arrested for praying outside Planned Parenthood in Chicago:

    [Chicago police spokesman Roderick Drew] told FoxNews.com[Joseph] Holland was arrested because he “continued to block customer access to the establishment.”

    Holland denied the allegations, telling FoxNews.com he never stood in front of the door and never moved from where he was seen standing in a YouTube video of the incident, and that if Planned Parenthood had released its security tapes, they would have proven that.

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