The aversion of a large contingent of the pro-life movement on a critical point has allowed pro-aborts to slither us down a colossal slippery slope.

That contingent has refused to engage on the fact that hormonal contraceptives and the intrauterine device may cause abortions by obstructing days-old embryos from implanting in the uterus.

Now we learn of the next slither down the slope. Reuters reported this week:

A copper intrauterine device was 100% effective at emergency contraception in a study of almost 2000 Chinese women who had the device implanted up to five days after unprotected sex….

“It is by far the best emergency contraceptive option,” [said] Dr. James Trussell… “But many people just don’t know about it.”

I was one. Further news to me, again from Reuters:

On its women’s health site, the Department of Health and Human Services lists intrauterine devices as a valid form of emergency contraception.

Really? Yes.

What should alarm pro-lifers is the likelihood that IUDs inserted post-coitally are most likely to cause abortions….

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