What a funny but telling title, the sort of question asked only in war zones or when spotting aliens.

Had I received that query in person I would have responded in kind, “Who goes there, friend or foe?”

But in this case I was pretty sure I already knew, given the news outlet from whence the question came. And sure enough, I wasn’t long into reading the piece when learning the answer was clearly foe, with malicious intent.

The writer was liberal feminist Peggy Drexler, assistant prof of psychology at Cornell Medical School, who wondered if the Tea Party women will come the liberal feminist way on social issues:

But it’s fair to assume there aren’t many coming out of this base who will champion issues like gay marriage, choice, and single parent families. Gay marriage and choice are clearly high on Sarah Palin’s list of American evils. Single parent families get a pass for obvious reasons. But as Colleen Campbell [writes]… single mothers are “strong enough and smart enough”… to “handle an unplanned pregnancy”, while continuing to pursue education and a career. In other words: when the going gets tough, the tough keep the baby.

So my question to the women of the Tea Party is this. If you take back America from the forces of big government, big spending and big taxes, do you plan to share it with the teenage girl who is unprepared to raise a child, with the gay couple who want the simple right to marry, and with families who may not fit your own definitions?

Well, duh, Peggy, isn’t that why the Tea Party germinated in the 1st place? In opposition to your ideology?

I’ll leave it to others to handle the homosexual issue, but I’ll address Peggy’s abortion concerns.

So hey, Peggy, back at you, how are you currently helping “the teenage girl who is unprepared to raise a child” by any other way than recommending she kill it? Are you saying the value of a person is dependent on affordability or convenience? What do you want us to do with you when you’re a crabby old senile feminist? Are you pro-choice for your future phase of life?

As a matter of fact, Peggy, there are over 3,000 pregnancy care centers throughout the United States already helping teenage girls financially, physically, and educationally – free of charge, during pregnancy and long after, funded soley by donations. We also adopt and provide foster care.

That as compared to 1,000 abortion mills that charge $350 to $2k and up per.

Yes, Tea Party women believe women are uniquely maternal. You mention the term “momma grizzlies” in your piece, so you understand our perspective that women should be encouraged to protect their children, not kill them, as you believe.

We believe in the equal right to life of all females, Peggy. You don’t. Since you support abortion, you support killing females.

Furthermore, you certainly know abortion is used specifically to target little girls. What are you doing about that, Peggy? Actually, can you do anything about that? I’ll answer that. No. Since preborns are not human in your book, you can’t say anything about this form of sexism without exposing yourself as a big fat lying liberal feminist hypocrite.

But back to the title of your piece. Its arrogance makes me laugh.

You still think you’re queens of the hill.

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