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Delighting in death

Why is it that the people most vocally committed to causes connected to death (abortion, assisted suicide, euthanasia) are often the same who are committed to progressive sexual causes? And why do abortion advocates frequently see it not as a necessary evil but as a positive good?… Make no mistake: The giddy, grinning delight which […]

Sunday Word: “My CHOICE is you, God, first and only.”

My choice is you, God, first and only. And now I find I’m your choice! ~ Psalm 16:5, Message translation, the most fitting use of one’s “choice,” a word that has been selfishly twisted by abortion proponents, such as… My My My My My My My RT @NARAL: MT @Abortion_Rights My life My health My education My choice My […]

“Right to choose” should be who raises baby, not if s/he lives

My wish is that women of any age would understand that it is only 9 months out of their life but it is life to someone else! That the right to choose should be a choice of who raises a baby, not whether it lives or dies. ~ Anonymous birth mother, proliferesponse.org, August 15, prefacing […]

Pro-life photos of the week: Green-eyed monster of choice; police protecting abortion

Last week I noted the youthful pro-life glow so evident at the Supreme Court  when we were celebrating the Hobby Lobby decision that a photo of one of the our groups ended up in Cosmopolitan.

Pro-life movement doesn’t kill its young

Dave Weigel at Slate also noted the phenomenon - with a twinge of jealousy perhaps? “The abortion rights protesters ran the square, with their most camera-friendly interns and staffers lofting signs….”

So here’s another – of many – exuberant victory shots, this one via Reuters. (click all photos to enlarge)…

Pro-life activists celebrate Hobby Lobby decision, inhibiting abortion

Police protect abortion

On the flip side, Reuters posted another photo steeped in irony – police protecting Planned Parenthood, the United States’ largest abortion provider, in the wake of the Supreme Court’s buffer zone decision. This ruling freed pro-life advocates to once again approach mothers planning to kill their babies with a message of hope and help.

I expect this photo will end up in the Abortion Holocaust Museum some day…

The abortion purse

Choice Neon Hat box Michele Pred pro-choice abortion

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve, others wear abortion – in neon lights.

What “choice” is it? MSNBC host dances around the “A” word

So there is only one that currently meets that benchmark which means that this is going to be the only clinic in the state for women in North Carolina for seeking out choice. But in a statement about the bill and the signings itself Governor McCrory says the law does not further limit access and […]

Catholic theology prof: Catholic church used to be pro-choice

Back in the 16th century, you had a pro-choice view on abortion that was held by all three of the magisteria: The Papal and Episcopal Magisterium, the Magisterium of the Theologians, and also the Magisterium of the Laity, everyone accepted this was truth… … Why not go back to Saint Antoninus, the Dominican Archbishop of […]

Abortion pictures rile members of pro-choice church

Abortion pictures are not pleasant to view, particularly on one’s way to Sunday morning worship service at a pro-choice church.

For the past several weeks Todd Bullis has taken his Church Project to the Custer Road United Methodist Church in Plano, Texas.

Showing the reality of abortion through abortion pictures, Todd and his team have made it their mission to educate church goers that the place where they worship condones this heinous act against God, in whose image we are made.

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