As part of their campaign to expose “fake clinics,” the Feminist Majority Foundation is celebrating the culture of death this Halloween by sponsoring a “Don’t Get Tricked, Get Treated” Week of Action, October 25-29 on college campuses nationwide.

Pregnancy care centers spook the free love/pro-abort crowd. In an October 11 email featuring the graphic, right, FMF claimed:

… Crisis Pregnancy Centers across the country are tricking women about their health all year round….

Their counseling focuses on promoting a strict anti-choice agenda including harmful misinformation on birth control, abortion and sexual health, while dissuading women against abortion as an option when facing an unwanted pregnancy.

“Harmful misinformation,” such as that condoms have a 15% failure rate, and abstinence is the only 100% effective protection against STDs and unplanned pregnancy? Scaaaary!

Truth? If young people didn’t fall for liberal tricks they wouldn’t need to get treated.

And sure, it’s way creepier to carry an unplanned pregnancy to term than go to an abortion mill to have one’s baby suctioned and dismembered.

Some of FMF’s suggested activities were interesting.

FMF’s sample (click to enlarge)…

I’m surprised the treats weren’t condoms, although I suppose it would appear counterproductive to staple messages to those.

A dangerous FMF suggestion:

  • Host a “haunted clinic” at your school. Instead of ghosts and ghouls, emulate what goes on inside a creepy CPC.

Dangerous because the obvious comparison would be to abortion clinics. And there is no comparison, only contrast. Easy contrast. For instance, here’s the abortion scene from the NYC professional production of Hell House in 2006, a real life haunted house attraction churches across America stage every year at Halloween:

Then there are the real abortion haunted houses, such as the Northern Illinois Women’s Center in Rockford. Following are actual photos taken at that mill. Click to enlarge…

“Creepy… haunted clinics”? Sorry, pro-aborts, your side already has that covered.

[Photos of abortion mill via prolifecorner.comWarning: blasphemous photos taken at the mill at that site]

[HT: Marie S.]

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