Pro-life Democrat North Carolina Congressman Heath Shuler announced on CNN yesterday he would challenge renown pro-abort Nancy Pelosi for the position of House Minority Leader:

Well, obviously if she doesn’t step aside then I’m fully aware, I’m going to press forward. You know, I can add and subtract pretty well. I don’t have the numbers to be able to win, but I think it’s a proven point for moderates and the Democrat Party that we have to be a big tent….

Shuler has acquired an 85% positive rating from National Right to Life. He voted against taxpayer funding of embryonic stem cell research,  supports the Hyde Amendment, and voted for the Stupak Amendment in Obamacare but against the final version that omitted the Stupak amendment.

One other reason to support Shuler? Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards is pushing to retain Pelosi. Richards knows Pelosi brings home the bacon.

The Republican in me wouldn’t mind if Pelosi remains visible in the top spot. It could only help our party in 2012.

But the dominant pro-lifer in me knows Shuler would 1) control pro-aborts from pushing their agenda, even in the minority; and 2) grease the skids for pro-life measures.

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