By Placenta Sandwich at The Abortioneers blog today (bold highlight his/hers):

One thing I have heard, and said myself, in the course of financial counseling is, “If you can’t borrow money for an abortion, can you maybe borrow money by saying that it’s for something else?” Not just for husbands, but also when women (understandably) balk at discussing their situation with parents, friends or neighbors.

So if a woman’s finances are ‘comfortable’ but controlled by her husband, a fund volunteer might ask her to try requesting money for an acceptable but non-routine purchase (for instance to replace an ostensibly worn-out pair of shoes for their child); put her utility money toward the abortion fee and then ask a neighbor for help with an unexpectedly-high gas bill; or in some other way shuffle “allowable” money around.

Sure enough, among a pathetic list of suggestions on how to scrape up money for one’s abortion at the linked National Network of Abortion Funds site, including dropping a class, were these…

Reading the entire list is depressing. It shows just how degrading illicit sex can ultimately become. Pregnant mothers are often abandoned by the men who sexually exploit them, or they need to cover up an affair.

Or they find themselves in such disastrous relationships that they 1) do not want the father of their baby to know they are pregnant; and 2) are fine with killing that father’s baby.

The fact that abortion groups condone lying to get abortions also demonstrates their willingness to help perpetuate prevailing American thought that abortion and those who abort are bad. Ultimately, killing the baby is all that  matters.

This is also of personal interest since one of many pot shots morally superior liberals and pro-aborts (see comments) take at me include a reference to my 2004 Illinois Leader column (only available here) making the Biblical case for lying to save lives.

But there’s a big difference. Lying to save lives has historically been heralded. Consider the Underground Railroad, Oskar Schindler, etc.

But lying to kill is always detested.

Case in point.

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