It has been awhile since pro-lifers were asked to ring Congressional phones off the hook, having been given a slight reprieve during the election recess.

But they’re baaack, and this morning calls need to go to Republican House members urging them to oppose pro-abort Fred Upton as Chairman of the vastly important Energy & Commerce Committee. Decisions about committee assignments are being made as I type.

Read my previous post on Upton here. Since I wrote it, Americans United for Life has also joined the chorus against him.

If you don’t know who your rep is, go to and type in your zip code at the top left corner. If you don’t know your 7-digit zip, get it here.

If your rep is a Democrat, don’t bother calling.

There is no listing yet of incoming Republican freshmen, but if you know who yours is, call him or her, too.

You need not fear probing questions. Simply and respectfully state you would like your representative to oppose Fred Upton as Chairman of the Energy & Commerce Committee because he is a social and fiscal liberal, and that you want a chairman who is pro-life.

If your representative is a Republican Steering Committee member, it is that much important to call him or her. This draft list is accurate, with the (welcome) addition of Peter Roskam (IL CD-11) as Chief Deputy Whip.

Call your Republican Region Representative as well. Names are at the draft list link, and here are the areas they serve:

·         Texas Region

·         California Region

·         Florida Region

·         Region 1 Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Arizona

·         Region 2 Wyoming, Colorado, N Mexico, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa

·         Region 3 Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas

·         Region 4 Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota

·         Region 5 Pennsylvania, New York, New Hampshire

·         Region 6 Ohio, Indiana

·         Region 7 Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana

·         Region 8 South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama

·         Region 9 Virginia, North Carolina, New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia

·         Small State (composed of delegations with one or two members):  Alaska, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, West Virginia, Maryland, New Hampshire

I have made 3 calls: 1) to my new congressman, Adam Kinzinger; 2) to Region III Rep John Shimkus; and 3) to Chief Deputy Whip Peter Roskam, because he is from IL and I know him.

Calls will take a max of 1-2 minutes. I made all mine in less than 5. But they are a big deal, as is this committee. Please help stop Upton.

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