Concerned Women for America president Penny Nance debated Planned Parenthood’s former president, Gloria Feldt, on MSNBC today about the boom of pro-lifers added to the congressional  ranks last month, the healthcare issue as it relates to abortion, and the appointment of pro-life Rep. Joe Pitts to head the House Health Subcommittee.

I note Penny was only given 2 minutes to speak (total 125 seconds) while Feldt was given 3 (total 181 seconds), no surprise.

Both are skilled interviewees. Feldt was deft at attempting to derail the topic to “women’s human rights” and anything but abortion, but Penny was equally deft at bringing the topic back.

Perhaps I’m the only one who saw the irony and got a laugh when the interviewer asked Feldt what she meant by “deep-sixing” healthcare reform.  If she was trying to avoid using the word “kill,” she got caught.

Good job, Penny!


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