UPDATE 12/18 9:35p: Here’s Nancy’s statement condemning the amendment’s exclusion. Read it and smile.

12/17, 4:52: The abortion industry will obviously lose influence in the 112th Congress, when pro-lifers dominate, particularly in the House. Just ask Nancy

But pro-aborts are also losing influence even yet in the 111th, when pro-abort Democrats still rule.  Just as we’ve seen the other side cave to fiscal conservative concerns, so also are we seeing them cave to pro-life concerns.

On December 15 the Senate Armed Services Committee dropped the controversial Burris Amendment from the Dept. of Defense authorization bill, which would have forced domestic and overseas military hospitals to commit abortions.

According to Medical News Today today:

Leaders of the House and Senate armed services committees have agreed to a… bill (HR 6523) that has been stripped of its most controversial provisions, including a policy that would have permitted abortion services at military hospitals….

Although the House passed its version of the authorization bill in May, the Senate twice voted against bringing its bill to the floor, largely because of GOP opposition several provisions, including a provision that would have repealed the 1993 “don’t ask, don’t tell” law banning openly gay people from serving in the military. The DADT provision has also been removed from the new authorization bill.

In a statement, [Senate Armed Services Committee Chair Carl] Levin (D-MI)Levin and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), ranking member of the committee, said the “unique circumstances in which the bill is being considered” have led the committee and its House counterpart “to drop many controversial provisions” included in the original bills (CQ Today, 12/15).

Apparently the Burris Amendment was just brought along for the ride with DADT and was never a serious cause célèbre for Democrats.

The House passed the DOD authorization bill today, easily – 341-48 – and the only foreseen roadblock in the Senate has nothing to do with abortion but is all about Guantánamo Bay.

So pro-lifers can rest that military hospitals will not be converted into abortion mills. Bye bye, Burris Amendment.

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