Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Catholic Vote discusses the House’s recent attempt to push the abortion agenda with the Women Veterans Bill of Rights, which would have “enshrined a right to taxpayer funding of abortions, mandatory access to abortionists, and ‘telmed’ abortions in the military” if pro-lifers like Rep. Chris Smith had not “amend[ed] the bill before it passed so that it specifically excluded abortions, abortion counseling, and IVF.”

  • Americans United for Life reports on the International Violence Against Women Actbeing considered by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee this week, which would increase international abortion support with our tax dollars through non-governmental pro-abortion organizations. This perpetuates, rather than stops, violence against women.

  • Moral Outcry blogs about a Time Magazine piece which paints late-term abortionist Warren Hern (pictured left) as a sympathetic figure and makes pro-lifers look like bad guys. In the article, Hern absurdly states:

    It is the clear policy of the American anti-abortion movement to kill every doctor who does abortions. It is not a secret.

  • Ethika Politika tackles the thought process that goes on when we are pro-life but struggle with the rape exception:

    We are arguably the most educated nation in the world, yet we do not understand that the taking of an innocent human life is always and unconditionally wrong. We are confused, baffled, and hesitant about whether or not abortion is “sometimes” okay. In short, we are lost.

  • American Life League notes President Obama signed a law in October decreeing the term “mental retardation” must no longer be used in federal statutes, and will be replaced by “intellectual disability.” A nice gesture, to be sure, but ALL points out the need for one further step – stop aborting them.
  • Coming Home has given out its 1st official “Golden Coconut” award to a pro-choicer “spout[ing] anti-scientific nonsense in the headlong pursuit of butchering babies.” The 1st winner insisted that less abortion leads to more poverty and crime – despite statistics that show the opposite.
  • Culture Campaign reports the “Jesus sonogram” is causing consternation at Christmas time.
  • Big Blue Wave chronicles the 2-month-long actions designed to intimidate the Carleton Lifeline pro-life campus group in Ottawa. The latest tactic: being told they cannot be represented by legal counsel during an internal appeal meeting.
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