I wrote in my previous post that condom pushers ignore their ghastly failure rate, which even condom advocate Guttmacher Institute admits is 17.4%.

So my question for all those touting the use of condoms for “safe sex” is, would you have condomed sex with an HIV+ person, for instance, Derrick Burts?

Burts has been much in the news the past couple days as a porn star of both straight and gay films who tested positive for HIV in October.

Although Burts was told patient confidentiality kept him from learning exactly who he contracted the 100% deadly disease from, he was also told one of his male film partners was a “known positive,” according to the LA Times.

Burts thinks he knows who the person is, and that the transmission happened during  a gay film shoot in FL when he removed his condom for oral sex. (The CDC states HIV transmission is possible via oral sex.)

Burts is now advocating the use of condoms in all porn, as if that is really the solution.

In the aforementioned condom post, pro-abort commenter Joan focused on the fact that, if used perfectly, condoms have a 2% pregnancy failure rate. Let’s say that translates to a 2% HIV failure rate.  Even then, would Joan or any other condom proponent knowingly have sex with an HIV positive person?

The condom “safe sex” charade is killing people, both by abortion and deadly STDs.

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