UPDATE, 7:11a: Well, that was quick, a new world record for YouTube in pro-life video censorship – it’s already down. Alerting CBR and will post the new link when I get it.

5:54a: Oh my goodness, pardon the pun. Just up, the video featured below won’t last long on YouTube. WARNING, the video is graphic, but it is so terribly powerful. It juxtaposes a soothing video produced by the Northland Family Planning Centers, a late-term abortion chain of 3 mills in Michigan, with the reality of the very abortions they commit. The pro-life video is produced by Gregg Cunningham and The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. Per its description:

This sad, pathetic piece of propaganda is designed to convince women – and no doubt themselves – that abortion is a “good” and even “sacred” (their word!) act.

“Good” grief! The lady doth protest too much, methinks!

Well, if abortifiers and the women they abort are involved in such a wonderful procedure, there can’t be anything wrong with showing the procedure, can there? In fact, it should make its goodness all the more evident. A picture, after all, is worth a thousand words.

So c’mon all you good people – celebrate with us the glorious goodness that is abortion. I mean it really is good. Really.

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