I sometimes think about the fact that someday archeologists will discover the ruins of America’s ghastly abortion mills and be horrified by how we killed our children, and to what extent.

Juxtapose that with the following ADN.com story, currently featured on Drudge. Click photo to enlarge….

The level of respect given to this one child is interesting. Also interesting is how Alaskan Native Americans want this child respected and appear hopeful the circumstances surrounding his or her death bode positively for their ancestry. Meanwhile, Americans – including Alaskans – kill 3,300 babies a day via abortion…

Fairbanks researchers say they’ve uncovered the oldest cremated human remains ever discovered in northern North America at a site near the Tanana River in central Alaska.

The 3-yr-old is only the second Ice Age child discovered on the continent….

Archaeologists discovered the remains in a fire pit in an abandoned living area from 13,200 years ago and dated the child’s death to about 11,500 years ago….

Interior Alaska Native groups are working with UAF to learn more about the child’s story….

Healy Lake Traditional Council Chief Joann Polston said she wanted to know everything she could about the child.

Reports to media by other archaeologists that the remains indicated cannibalism are false, Potter said, because no food debris or other trash was found above or on top of the child.

It’s difficult to attempt to get inside the heads of the ancient humans, but Potter thinks the circumstances of the child’s burial and the subsequent abandoning of the living area points to the emotions of the house’s inhabitants.

“I do think that a reasonable interpretation of that would be that they cared for the child and the child was important to them,” Potter said….

Out of respect for the Native name, Potter said his team has not used any nicknames to describe the child.

“The way I do archaeology, I think of what I would want if my child was excavated in the future, you know, 10,000 years from now, and respectful considerate actions by the scientists and by everyone I think would be what I would want,” Potter said. “In this, the Native community and the scientists were in agreement that we want to continue the respect that we have for the remains, and the fact that this was a child that someone loved.”

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