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  • In Slate, Dave Weigel discusses the pro-choice movement’s strategy:

    1) Wait for the pro-life movement, now at an apex of political power, to do something stupid.

    2) Pounce on the stupid thing that it just did.

    3) Repeat.

  • In CA, a man named Steven Smith was found guilty of attempted voluntary manslaughter but not guilty of attempted murder and attempted murder of a fetus after he shot his pregnant girlfriend:Smith was accused of shooting Gina Stanko, 35, in the head and hand with a .22-caliber pistol Nov. 6, 2009, in her Paso Robles home. During the trial, Smith was described as a narcissistic womanizer by prosecutors and characterized by his defense as a man emotionally driven to violence by the woman he feared.

  • In Canada, the speech police have again gone after another pro-life club – this time at Victoria University, where the Students’ Society has ruled the pro-life group Youth Protecting Youth (pictured left) violated the university’s harassment policy by comparing abortion to the Holocaust:

    “Because many students on campus are capable of having abortions and/or are students of Jewish decent, YPY should have reasonably thought to have known that using marketing materials for their presentation, which compares the Holocaust to abortion, could reasonably create a hostile, intimidating, threatening or humiliating environment on campus for individuals of the student body,” said UVic Students’ Society chair James Coccola. “In this case, we felt that the harassment policy was broken by YPY.”

    The censure is little more than a public disapproval, Coccola said, confirming that YPY’s club status, reinstated last spring in B.C. Supreme Court, is not in question.

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