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According to liberal feminists, men are only allowed to be fathers if women want them to pay child support. Otherwise, they’re only good for supporting abortion.

Hence, the most tightly wound feminist of them all, Amanda Marcotte, was so galled by the cake above that she tweeted:

So a kind, friendly attaboy to a father, who most will tell you are all but ignored throughout (wanted) pregnancies, translated to Marcotte as evidence that male procreational pride is what is keeping abortion contentious.

Such misplaced sexism. In actuality, abortion allows men to more freely exploit women. Read Marcotte’s wharped view of pregnancy and childbirth (warning: crude):

Because there are just a lot of men out there who really need to believe they made the baby by having an orgasm, and that no one should credit the person who gained weight, contributed a quarter of her daily nutrients for 9 months, threw up a lot, saw her feet change size, and then pushed an 8 pound human out of her genitals while suffering massive pain.  Because if you admit that b****es can pull that stunt off, you might have to admit that they’re good at other things, too.

I don’t often say I feel sorry for someone, because it’s condescending to do so, but I do feel sorry for Marcotte. Her understanding of male and female relationships, sexuality, and children is so abnormal.

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