Just read a fascinating blog post dated March 15 at Abortion.ws, once again showing how misogynist pro-aborts actually are, not to mention hypocritical.

The author is Pat Richards, an old-time abortion proponent formerly with the apparently defunct (no current webpage) National Coalition of Abortion Providers. The photo I’m posting was her interesting choice. Excerpts…

… For those of you who don’t remember that name, Bob Packwood was the long-time US Senator from the state of Oregon who was the first true Congressional “champion” for abortion rights. Elected in 1968, he actually introduced legislation legalizing abortion before the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v Wade decision….

Once abortion was legalized, Packwood became the point person for the pro-choice movement….

Throughout this time, however, there were always rumblings that Packwood was having affairs with several women.  He was indeed an attractive, articulate man who no doubt was approached by numerous aggressive women.  In fact, I remember the more cynical feminists suggesting that he was leading the way on abortion rights merely to get laid.  I never had that impression, but it unfortunately was out there.  I should add for a fact that one of my best friends confided in me that she had had an affair with Packwood.

Then, in November 1992, the Washington Post ran a story detailing the claims of sexual abuse and assault by ten women, mostly former staff people and lobbyists.  In September 1995, he resigned from the US Senate in disgrace.  He then disappeared from sight for many years.

In 1998, when I was at the NCAP, we were planning a 25th anniversary party for Roe V Wade in Washington, DC and we decided to invite all of the pro-choice “heroes.”  My old friend, Susan Hill, suggested that we invite Packwood.  I ran it by some others and got very mixed reactions so Susan simply said that she would bring him as her date.  Personally, I was thrilled because, despite his private behavior, he was our champion for many years….

I do recall, however, that 3 or 4 female clinic owners were so offended that Packwood was there that walked out of the party in disgust.  That, of course, was their decision but I personally felt like it was a bit of an overreaction.  Still, it was their right although they missed one hell of a party….

What Packwood did totally sucked, there was no excuse for his personal conduct.  On the other hand, he was the only one there when we needed a champion.  I wish him well.

One interesting acknowledgement in that piece is there is at the very least a suspicion among pro-abort women that some men join their ranks with ulterior motives, to find an easy lay, as comedian Chris Rock so eloquently (and vulgarly) described.

At any rate, the next time a liberal feminist tries to bash 2-timing Republican men as hypocritical, give them two words: Bob Packwood.

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