Great news, and good for them. Representing 90 colleagues, 3 dozen Kansas legislators held a press conference yesterday to lambaste former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and her corrupt political machine, including the KS Supreme Court, for “subverting justice in the ethics case against former Attorney General Phill Kline,” according to, which agreed with my earlier assessment of last week’s ethics trial:

“An unholy alliance existed in this state for eight years between former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’ administration, the abortion industry and the courts,” [Republican Rep. Steve] Brunk said.

Brunk said the disciplinary case against Kline was “one more sad example of the institutions of this state wasting time and resources in an effort to punish those who do not share their ideology.”

“The real scandal is the abortion industry callously ignoring child rape and brushing it under the rug for no other purpose than financial gain,” Brunk said.

He said Kline uncovered evidence 249 abortions were performed in KS on children 14 years of age or younger from 2001 to 2003. However, Planned Parenthood and [George] Tiller, the most prominent abortion providers in KS during that period, reported a total of 2 cases of child sex abuse to the KS Dept. of Social and Rehabilitation Services.

The more the abortion industry and its defenders attempt to persecute Phill Kline for upholding the law, the more evidence comes to light about their own misconduct, which frankly is shrouded in darkness,” Brunk said.

The timing of all this is remarkable in light of the national campaign to defund PP. Importantly, the evidence Kline uncovered would cost PP all of their Title X funds if PP is found guilty in a criminal case still open – funds that Sebelius now administrates. It is this very funding Republicans want to cut, part of the rationale being PP’s failure to report child rape.

Republican members of Congress smell a rat, wanting to ask Sebelius what she is doing, if anything, to ensure PP is following state law requiring the report of child rape.

The evidence in Kansas is that Sebelius used the power of her office as governor to bury proof of PP’s criminality and possibly illegally leaked the investigation to national abortion interests.

The questions are: What did Sebelius know, when did she know, and who did she tell?

Furthermore, why was Sebelius appointed Secretary of HHS? Was it merely because Obama liked her? Or was there more to it? Was she put in place to further protect PP? Did PP recommend her for the appointment? Sebelius proved her ability to cover for PP while in KS. It appears she is now covering for PP on a grander scale, at the federal level.

The plot thickens.

Oh, and yesterday Obama nominated former KS Democrat AG Steve Six to the federal appeals court overseeing, in part, KS. Sebelius selected Six for the AG position after Kline’s replacement, Paul Morrison, resigned in disgrace.

Is it advancing pure conspiracy theory to speculate Obama/Sebelius are now trying to stack the federal courts – like Sebelius stacked the KS Supreme Court – for a time if and when Kline’s ethics case or PP’s criminal case advances to that point?


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