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  • Abby Johnson and Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards have dueling editorials in AOL News on the federal funding of PP. From Abby’s piece:

    And while Planned Parenthood says abortions make up just 3% of its services, I found they used an sleight of hand, unbundling family planning services so each patient shows anywhere from five to 20 “visits” per appointment (12 packs of birth control would show up as 12 individual visits).

  • Scientists have developed a new test where they by testing a pregnant woman’s blood, they can determine if the she is carrying a child has Down Syndrome:

    The blood test has been developed by the scientists in Cyprus after they identified the key DNA difference that flags up DS, a chromosomal condition caused by presence of all or part of an extra 21st chromosome. Infants with DS, which is characterized by severe physical and mental impairments, have an extra copy of Chromosome 21. As DNA can cross the placenta from the baby to the mother, the blood test looks for chemical differences and extra chromosomes – a telltale defect in unborn babies.

  • A Maryland county has settled a lawsuit with pro-lifers who were arrested and strip searched after displaying graphic images of abortion. Part of the lawsuit requires Harford County to ensure that those type of searches never happen again to people exercising their freedom of speech.

[Photo via SanDiegoDownSyndrome.org]

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