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  • Serge at LTI discusses a recent article by British Pregnancy Advisory Service director Ann Furedi, who rejects the gradualist view of abortion in favor of aborting “throughout all 9 months without question.” “

  • The FRC blog reports on recent news stories linking emergency contraceptives (Plan B) to an increased risk for heart disease and deep vein thrombosis in young women.

  • ProLifeUnity (via ProLifeBlogs) reveals American Life League’s “bunny in a blender” Planned Parenthood ad has been banned by local TV stations in DC unless ALL can “prove that PP puts babies in blenders.” Really? Remember those “This is Your Brain on Drugs” commercials?

    Michael Hichborn, a lead researcher with ALL, put it this way: “The Partnership for a Drug-Free America never had to prove that drugs turn the human brain into a chicken egg in a frying pan and Energizer has yet to prove that rabbits play drums.”

  • Albert Mohler examines the long term consequences of gendercide on societies like China and India.
  • Joe Carter of First Things links to Pat Archbold’s NC Register article which paints the portrait of “the armchair pro-life” who seem to be more involved in criticism than in activism:

    … [T]he armchair pro-life, mistaking tepidness for wisdom, steadfastly maintain that there is no difference between the [political] parties. Instead of getting in the game, they sit on the sidelines complaining about how muddy the players get.

    With limited compassion and unlimited hubris, the armchair pro-life swell with repellent pride over their self-supposed Solomonic wisdom, blithely nattering on while the baby is cleaved in half.

  • MN Citizens Concerned for Life notes the efforts of pro-aborts to shoot down a recently introduced MN fetal pain bill by “appealing to the hard cases” – but rape, incest, and fetal abnormality don’t change the humanity of the unborn child.
  • Live Action points out blatant MSM bias, shown by the words they choose to use when labeling pro-lifers.
  • Culture Campaign reports on the MSM’s sudden (but delayed) realization that Americans are interested in social issues like abortion and defending traditional marriage.
  • Accepting Abundance posts a discussion board conversation she had with a woman celebrating abortion and the “death of traditional marriage.”
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