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  • The Philadelphia Inquirer has more details regarding the clinics 83-year-old abortionist Soleiman Soli decided to close rather than bring up to code:

    Land records show Soli opened a clinic at 5188 Neshaminy Blvd. in 1972. Soli did not register it with the state as an abortion clinic until December 1987. That same year, he registered the facility at 6043 Germantown Ave. Both are named Abortion as an Alternative.

    Kelley said there were no records of any inspections prior to last fall….

    The clinics had no recovery room and, because of the lack of staff, patients were discharged still groggy. A secretary told inspectors she helped patients dress and then they walked out as if in “a drunken state.”

  • The Washington Post has a story on state efforts to ban abortion coverage from in government-run health insurance exchanges: 

    “I don’t remember the last time I saw [so many] states try to do one thing on abortion,” said Rachel Sussman, who tracks state-level antiabortion efforts for Planned Parenthood….

    In most of the states considering abortion insurance bans, avowed abortion opponents control both the governor’s office and the statehouse. Analysts predict most will pass a bill by the time the exchanges are rolled out in 2014.

  • A nurse from San Antonio has filed a defamation lawsuit after she was fired for allegedly informing the San Antonio Archdiocese that an abortion took place at a Catholic hospital where she worked. The hospital claims an abortion never took place.
  • The Monterey Herald has an article on the push for new abortionists and how Stanford and UCSF are leading the way. It includes this nonsense quote from bioethicist Art Caplan:Education about abortion is not the same as advocating for abortion…. Medical schools feel that abortion is a medical procedure that doctors need to know about. We have all kinds of topics in medical education, like physician-assisted suicide, but that doesn’t mean we’re in favor of them.

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