You can imagine my excitement when over the course of a few months, I landed interviews at many of the big pro-choice organizations here…. But each interview ended with some version of this: “I’m sorry, but you are too radical/too much of an activist to work for us.”…

At one particular organization, a senior executive looked me in the eye and said, “If you work here, you have no voice on reproductive rights.”

Another organization wanted me to delete my Twitter account. Some wanted me to stop blogging. Others said that because I have a published opinion on later abortion, I would be a liability. One wanted me to resign from all my volunteer pro-choice activism….

[H]ow can a pro-choice organization tell a job candidate that her dedication to pro-choice activism disqualifies her from a job?….

There is something perverse about not wanting to hire people who are so committed to the movement that they work in it in their spare time.

~Steph Herold, founder of and the Abortion Gang, decrying the lack of extremism in the mainstream pro-choice movement, Feministe, March 25

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