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  • University of Michigan researchers are patting themselves on the back for killing more human embryos. This time the human embryos had genes with inherited genetic disorders.
  • The Life Education Counsel is suing CBS Outdoor for refusing to display their pro-life billboards:

    This time CBS said that the picture needed to go because abortion “is a potentially emotional topic that might be unduly disturbing to young women who may have made the kinds of choices that the displays deal with,” according to the complaint.

    A message from the company to Counsel board member Betty LaRosa stated that CBS could not accept “images which might be deemed shocking, unsettling or even manipulative,” the complaint states.

    LaRosa says she protested and “emphasized that CBS’s censorship was diluting and effectively changing her message.”

    CBS “insisted that if LEC would just get rid of the baby picture, the advertisement may run,” the plaintiffs says.

  • The Health Behavior News Service has details of a new study showing an increase in instances of ectopic pregnancy. Researchers believe contributing factors may include STDs (which damage the fallopian tubes), delayed childbearing leading to the use of IVF, and increased use of IUDs as birth control.
  • Pearl Gosnell, wife of infamous abortion Kermit Gosnell, was granted bail but will still be under house arrest.
  • The Susan B. Anthony List has a list of potential Republican presidential candidates and their positions on defunding Planned Parenthood.
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