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One huge difference between the pro-life and pro-abortion movements is our side has a powerful volunteer grassroots lobby, and theirs does not.

I’ve seen pro-life groups assemble hundreds of volunteer supporters in every nook and corner of the country. Pro-aborts, meanwhile, have a hard time assembling boots on the ground anywhere. Ask at any of their anemic rallies for paid staff to raise a hand, such as Planned Parenthood employees, and most would.

One explanation is that it’s difficult to muster exuberant support to kill babies.

Another is that pro-aborts have been killing off their future volunteers for 38 years, and it is undoubtedly catching up with them.

Now the abortion lobby is reduced to paying supporters, as Catholic-Mom discovered on Craig’s List.

If you as a young pro-choicer are reading this, you survived the industry’s best attempt to kill you. Now you can take a little of the money it made from killing your contemporaries to help it kill the next generation. Hey, make $335 to $535 a week, about the price of one abortion.

How inviting. How pathetic.

[HT: Creative Minority Report]

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