UPDATE 5/29, 9:05a: Charmaine Yoest of Americans United for Life tweeted this thought, which I think is a good one to also probe: “I think it’s more of a question of effectiveness/strategy rather than morality.” Commenters yor bro ken, CC, and ninek all pondered the same. Thoughts?

5/28, 2:32: I mentioned a couple weeks ago an abortion clinic escort had asked to interview me. She posted my responses yesterday, and I’ll post hers on Monday.

Two of Jessica’s questions were:

  • Do you think protesting anyone on the pro-choice side at their personal home is ok?
  • Do you think “outing” abortion staff, volunteers, and/or patients to their neighbors, communities, schools, families, etc, is ok?

I answered “Yes” to both, mentioning that I, myself, had participated in such a pro-life picket (at the home of an abortionist).

What say you, and why?

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