The other day I received an interview request from Jessica at High on Quacks, who described her self as “pro-choice” right up front.

Jessica wrote she wanted to interview me in part because I have written about the particular abortion clinic at which she is an escort, what we pro-lifers call a “deathscort.”

Jessica reassured me, however, this didn’t mean she was an “extremist.” In fact, she said, she is not. She said she is, rather, an “anthropology/history/religious studies student and fascinated by macro subjects of social interactions.” That, and because she is “an aspiring blogger,” Elizabeth thought interviewing me “would be a great way of getting the mindset of so many people’s worldview about the issue of abortion and life.”

I liked Jessica’s boldness and that she came right to the source. Since Jessica promised to run my interview uncut, I thought this would also afford me a great opportunity to reach out to the other side.

In addition, I thought this opened the door to turn around and interview an abortion worker. As I explained to Jessica, I’m fascinated by her culture and always eager to learn its inner workings.

Jessica agreed. She is currently seeking interview questions from her people, and I’m doing the same. What questions would you like me to ask her?

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