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Abortion clinic escort amused by pro-life reaction to online job forum

backofescortServalbear recently wrote about our excellent experience with Jobstr, and the high quality of questions asked, which you can read about here if you missed it the first time. By the time she wrote about it, the first flurry of questions had died down, but her post unleashed a whole new run of questions…

We soon realized that the Jobstr site had been linked to a column by a national pro-life blogger. I won’t link to her here ~ email us if you have a pressing need to find her column.

Abortion clinic escorts participate in online Q&A job forum

cropped-img_08843Last month we were approached by one of the co-founders of the website Jobstr to participate in their listings to explain escorting. Their website is designed to “Ask people anything about their jobs.” When you participate, you write a brief explanation of what your job is. Then members of their website ask you questions and vote on your answers….

Former abortion clinic escort arrested for “bumping” pro-lifer with car

20709473_BG1by Andy Moore of AbortionWiki.org

A former escort at a South Carolina abortion clinic decided to start the year off with a bang. Literally.

Larry Carter Center (mug shot right) is a former Green Party candidate for the S.C. House of Representatives and well-known socialist activist. He has also worked as a volunteer escort for the Charleston Women’s Medical Center abortion business.

On January 12, as Carter was driving his teal sedan out of the parking lot of the abortion business, he “bumped” 81-yr-old pro-lifer William Gasque in the knee with his front bumper.

Abortion clinic escort frustrated with pro-life protestors

It is so hard for me to not engage. It is so hard not to get angry. It is so hard not to scream the truth at the antis. When an escort does have a flare-up of anger, other escorts try to de-escalate and give the escort time to dissipate their anger. In my case, […]

What interview questions should I ask an abortion clinic escort?

The other day I received an interview request from Jessica at High on Quacks, who described her self as “pro-choice” right up front. Jessica wrote she wanted to interview me in part because I have written about the particular abortion clinic at which she is an escort, what we pro-lifers call a “deathscort.”


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