A press release this morning from Kansans for Life announced that both US senators from Kansas, Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts, will oppose Obama nominee Steve Six to the U.S. Court of Appeals.

Who is Steve Six? From Planned Parenthood Corruption:

… Obama’s nomination of former KS Attorney General Stephen Six to the federal bench, some claim, is a payoff for Six’s role in protecting Planned Parenthood from the only criminal case ever filed against the abortion giant.

As AG, Six played a key role in silencing a witness of Planned Parenthood’s alleged criminal conduct and actually sued a sitting prosecutor and judge in an effort to have all evidence of PP  criminality returned to PP.  Six engaged in these actions while PP was [and still is] subject to a criminal prosecution.

Six was appointed to the position of AG by former KS Governor, now Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius.

PP was a key national political benefactor of Sebelius and poured millions of dollars into KS to thwart the criminal prosecution and support Sebelius politically.  If convicted, PP stands to lose its $350 million plus in annual federal funding.

What now? Back to the KFL press release:

The Senate Judiciary Committee is set to vote on the Six nomination Thursday, June 16 [TODAY]. The committee has 10 Democrat and 8 Republican members, so Six will likely be recommended for confirmation to the full Senate.

However, this show of opposition by the two Kansas senators marks the first important step for defeating pro-abortion Steve Six’s rise to a lifelong seat on the federal bench.

It’s time to begin calling your senators to tell them to oppose Planned Parenthood protector Steve Six’s nomination to the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. I just did.

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