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  • Clarke Forsythe and Donna Harrison have a must-read article in National Review on the unreliability of abortion complication statistics:

    The CDC gets its data on the number of abortions from state public-health departments; the reporting is completely voluntary. In contrast to most important health indicators — births, deaths, cancer, HIV, STDs, etc. — there is no national reporting law requiring that abortions or their complications be reported to national health officials or agencies.

    Most state abortion-data collection is haphazard and relies on the willingness of abortion providers to share their records voluntarily. Some states, like California — which has a quarter of all abortions annually (300,000) — don’t report at all. CA, NH, and AK haven’t reported their abortion data to the CDC since 1998….

    The Guttmacher Institute also obtains data voluntarily from abortion providers…. Typically, when a woman suffers a complication after an abortion, she is simply told to go to the nearest emergency room….

    As the abortionist is ignorant of the deaths or complications resulting from the procedure, the abortion provider has no significant data to pass along…. What the abortion provider does not know, Guttmacher cannot know.

  • Look, another obviously false/exaggerated story about abortion in Salon.  In this one the writer claims to have scammed a CPC into giving her a type of stroller when she never intended to abort. She also claims CPC workers told her to submit to her “psychopath” husband and she supposedly got 3 teens to leave the waiting room at the same time by throwing a fit because they thought the CPC was Planned Parenthood.

    The only people who would believe some of the wild exaggerations are avid pro-choicers.

  • RH Reality Check recently published an article in which anti-adoption crusader Jessica DelBalzo (pictured left) discusses how she was “euphoric” after her “happy abortion”:

    It couldn’t have been more than 5 minutes before one of the assistants helped me to sit up so that I could get dressed. She walked me out into the recovery area, and I unsuccessfully attempted to repress the huge grin that had developed on my face. I felt euphoric….

    I felt momentarily guilty when one of the other patients in recovery asked me if I ever stopped smiling, but I quickly reminded myself that it was senseless guilt. After all, smiling is a natural reaction to happiness, and I was happy sitting there. When they released me to go home 15 minutes later, I was gladder still.

    I know how far out of our society’s collective comfort zone it is to hear a woman say that she feels happy about her abortion, but I do. My feelings go far beyond the simple relief that many women describe. I am actually grateful for the experience itself and for the fact that, by sharing my story with others, I can be an ambassador for reproductive freedom.

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