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  • The Anti-Abortion Gang discusses the “happy, guilt-free” abortion story of Jessica DelBalzo, who, instead of leaving her admittedly “deteriorat[ing]” relationship with her children’s father, decided to stay and risk the pregnancy she had already decided to abort.

  • Big Blue Wave shares a powerful Daily Mail article about now 19-year-old gang rape victim Elizabeth Cameron, who believes having her daughter, Phoebe, was “more important than what happened.”
  • Americans United for Life reveals a dangerous new trend of skirting international pro-life laws via websites selling RU-486 to women without physical exams. If the goal of such sites is to curb “unsafe abortions,” this certainly seems counterproductive.
  • David Daleiden at Live Action expresses disappointment in pro-life political candidates’ use of vague, abstract terms when referring to abortion.
  • Stacy at Accepting Abundance shares some thoughts on being open to life after age 40.
  • Bryan Kemper posts the text of pro-life speaker and attorney Rebecca Kiessling’s response to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who last week referred to Kiessling (and other children conceived in rape) as “the rapist’s child.”
  • Moral Outcry posts a blog by Kinsey Thurlow, encouraging Christians to become even more proactive in caring for orphans and widows.
  • At Coming Home Dr. Gerard Nadal presents his concerns regarding the upcoming pro-life film, “The Gates of Hell.”
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