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  • Recently, North Carolina cut off state funding to Planned Parenthood and now PP is considering a court challenge. It’s a different situation than Indiana because NC didn’t cut federal Medicaid payments:

    NC funding ends July 1 for PP’s participation in public health programs, including the access it provides to low-cost birth control and screenings for breast and cervical cancer….

    In a statement, Planned Parenthood said it received just over $434,000 a year through state grants and programs.

  • The Justice Department filed a brief in favor of Planned Parenthood in the court case on Indiana’s law disqualifying them from Medicaid payments.

  • Russian immigrant Alexei Ramey (pictured left) has pled guilty to attempted assault after he tried to pay an undercover officer $500 and a pressure washer to stab a woman he mistakenly thought was carrying his child. He faces 3 1/2 to 10 years in jail. 

    Ramey’s would-be-victim, a Duanesburg woman who turns 20 next month, gave birth last year to a healthy baby girl, said [District Attorney John] Healy.

    “His intent wasn’t to kill her, it was to abort the fetus,” Healy said afterward.

    Asked if the defendant suspected he might not the father, Healy said Ramey “believed there was a chance but didn’t want to take that risk,” partly because by then he had a new girlfriend who was also pregnant.

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