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  • A judge has ordered Greg Fultz to remove the controversial billboard which formerly named his ex-girlfriend and claimed she had an abortion.
  • A Michigan Planned Parenthood affiliate is suing a business which is trying to uphold a deed restriction on a building in their parking lot which was purchased by PP:James Carey, a Cooley Law School professor representing the hotel owners, said that before buying their property, his clients asked the parcel be split and demanded land use be restricted by a covenant to restaurant, retail or office use. The owners last year agreed to allow the building to be used as medical offices, according to the suit.

    Carey said a medical facility violates the covenant’s definition of “office,” as would a plastic surgery clinic. He said Planned Parenthood’s political stigma will be bad for business.

    “Business owners are very much on edge,” Carey said.

    PP officials said the facility may not provide abortions.

    Yeah, right. More details at LifeNews including how PP deceptively tried to keep who they were and what they were planning a secret.

  • ABC affiliate WXYZ also did a story which shows the locations of the hotel and office space. That building is big. There is no way PP doesn’t want to perform abortions there:

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