Yes, that’s right.  There is a PBS tv show out of Guam called “Beer Summit with David Cohen,” and it just posted its 1st episode on YouTube: a debate on abortion.

I received an email heads up last night from the show’s host, David Cohen, and was intrigued on so many levels that I gave it a look. I proceeded to be so entertained – although that seems like an improper word, given the topic – that I watched all 23 minutes. Videos usually can’t hold me past 2.

I really liked Cohen’s style. (I’d indeed enjoy having a beer with him if ever in Guam.) He wrote me, “We take the issue seriously, but try to keep the mood light to encourage people from opposite perspectives to find common ground.” The show was all that.

I do wish he’d pressed the pro-abort more, and I thought the woman debating the pro-life side was pretty inept and not even totally square on the issue.

Nevertheless, I give 2 thumbs up to this quirky show…



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