… I also get the pro-life movement.

If an individual believes that a life is “in being” at the moment of conception, I can well appreciate the distress such a person would feel over such a life being terminated.

What I cannot understand is how [pro-lifers] seem to lose all care, concern and compassion for that life once the child is born into the world….

So, how do the pro-life forces defend their position that Planned Parenthood must go because, on occasion, they perform medical procedures that end what these folks perceive to be lives in being while fully understanding that closing the organization’s doors will result in the loss of lives of women we know are in being?

… Tell your elected representatives to back off on Planned Parenthood. Then, and only then, can you truly be among those who are pro-life.

~ Rick Ungar, Forbes contributor and member of the Association of Health Care Journalists, Forbes.com, June 13

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