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  • A Connecticut state senator added a parental consent for abortion amendment on to a bill to create parental consent for minor tanning. This led to the bill not being voted on. Amazingly, some people just can’t see the parallels:

    “If you can have parental consent for minors for ear-piercing or tanning, why shouldn’t you have parental consent for minors for abortions?” he said Monday.

    Derek Slap, communications director for the Senate Democrats, called [Michael] McLachlan’s argument “ridiculous.”

    “He knows exactly what he’s doing,” Slap said. “This is political grandstanding.”

    The bill in question would have required parents to accompany their child under the age of 18 to a tanning parlor, learn of the risks of tanning, then sign a permission slip on site before their child could use the tanning facilities.

  • The Ledger has a story about the woes of FL abortion advocates:

    Sheryll Strang of Winter Haven has spent more than 20 years promoting the right of women to have abortions, and she said she can’t remember a time as glum for her cause as now.

    In its session that ended May 7, the Florida Legislature passed 5 bills that critics say will make abortion less accessible.

    “I would say it’s probably the worst,” Strang said, describing each of the bills as 8 or higher on a negative scale of 1 to 10.

  • The Des Moines Register editorial staff thinks doctors prescribing potentially dangerous abortion drugs via web cam without ever physically examining patients is medical progress. They also think nurses should be allowed to prescribe abortion pills, though they don’t provide any argument for why.

  • A tabloid scandal in Britain involves a famous soccer player, his brother’s wife and abortion:

    She found she was carrying her secret lover Ryan’s [pictured top left] child, it is claimed, just weeks before she was due to marry his brother Rhodri [pictured bottom left].

    And the 28-year-old has spoken of the moment she broke the shattering news to the Manchester United legend, who, she alleges, told her she must have an ­abortion. She said [Ryan] Giggs, 37, even cycled to a meeting with her with £500 to pay for the termination – £200 short.

    Speaking of the moment she ­discovered she was expecting, Natasha [pictured center left] said: “All I kept thinking was, ‘I’m getting married to Rhodri next month and I’m pregnant to Ryan, his brother’.

    “I said to Ryan, ‘I don’t know how to say it but I’m pregnant’. He said, ‘To me?’ and I said, ‘Yes’. Then he said, ‘How sure are you?’ and I told him, ‘A million per cent’. That’s when he told me there was only one option.

    “Ryan told me straight off, ‘You know there’s only one option, a termination. We can’t ruin everybody’s life’.” …

    She said: “He handed me £500, saying that was all he could get out.

    “I just said, ‘OK, whatever’. I’d never asked him for money so it was very difficult. I was very upset, very tearful.

    “He just said, ‘Right. OK, I’ll see you tomorrow. Good luck’.”

[Photos via football-talk.co.uk and newsmediaimages.com]

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