Elijah Ministries is reporting that its Rachel’s Memorial Park in Waco, TX, was vandalized during the night on June 11. Pastor Rusty Thomas reported in the email:

One of the stations asked if I thought this was in connection to the church moving next door to our local death camp, Planned Parenthood. I told them we have no proof, but surely the timing of this attack is somewhat suspicious. Some may feel we invaded their territory and they felt the compulsion to do the same.

Interestingly, KCEN’s written story originally included this line, “Pro-Life of Waco has contacted Planned Parenthood and asked them to join them in condemning this act,” but that line has now been scrubbed….

This act of pro-abortion vandalism fell on the same day Operation Rescue reported hat all 4 tires of an intern’s car bearing a pro-life bumper sticker had been slashed.

This was the 3rd act of vandalism OR has reported in less than a month. OR is asking for donations to cover the cost of replacing the tires.

While we in the pro-life community notice an uptick in vandalism against us, MSM and liberals don’t.

It seems to me the more ground we gain in the war against legalized abortion, the more we’re seeing pro-aborts act out their frustration and hostility. Stay vigilant but stay alert.

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