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From Time this morning:

Kansas will now just have one clinic in the state allowed to provide abortions, as the state signaled Thursday that Kansas’ only other two providers are out of business due to tough, new licensing requirements….

“This is radical, extreme government intrusion into private health care,” Peter Brownlie, president of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, said Thursday as his clinic filed suit in U.S. District Court to have the new regulations thrown out….

Within an hour of his announcement, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment issued a sparsely worded statement that it had approved one license of the three it had reviewed, without naming names. Despite the state’s secrecy, it was clear Planned Parenthood had survived because the other two providers, a clinic named Aid for Women in Kansas City, KS, and a father-daughter private practice in nearby Overland Park, had already acknowledged their offices didn’t meet new codes.

Those two providers, likewise, have gone to federal court seeking an injunction against the “burdensome and costly requirements that are not medically necessary or appropriate.” U.S. District Judge Carlos Murguia has set a 3 p.m. hearing for Friday.

You have to read this amazing quote, also from the Time article. Aborting babies is the surgical equivalent of pulling teeth? And “drunk” post-abortive moms need no recovery time…

[Jeff] Pederson, of the Aid for Women… not[ed] one of the new codes mandates a two-hour recovery period. He said when he accompanied his father to get his teeth pulled, his dad was sedated, yet they left 10 minutes after the procedure was complete. “The women don’t want to stay here two hours, and they don’t need to. They have a caregiver with them. They’re drunk, but they’re walking.”

Safe, legal, and rare? Who’s kidding who?

[Photo via Time]

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