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  • At the Live Action blog, Jennie Stone dismantles Charles Blow’s pro-abortion editorial in the New York Times. The editorial previously (it has now been corrected) misquoted a Guttmacher Institute study about unplanned pregnancy.
  • Cynthia Greenwood of Texas is being charged with interfering with a rape investigation after she allegedly took her then 12-year-old adopted daughter with special needs to get a late-term abortion in Cleveland because her now 19-year-old biological son was the father:

    Children’s protective services launched its investigation after someone in Texas called in anonymous tip that the 12-year-old became hysterical when Greenwood took her in for an abortion. The tip caller said Greenwood refused to say how her daughter became pregnant. Court documents said on Oct. 22, 2010, Greenwood allegedly took her daughter to a women’s clinic in Cleveland to have an abortion. She was 22 weeks pregnant.

    Notice that the tip came from Texas. No one at the abortion clinic in Cleveland took the time to think about why a 12-year-old girl with special needs from Texas was in Ohio for a 22-week abortion.

  • In response to a push for impartial abortion counseling in Great Britain, female reporter for the Daily Mail, Jenny Stocks (pictured left), posed as a pregnant woman and went to 5 locations (abortion clinics and pregnancy care centers) for counseling:

    What happened next left me confused and traumatised – and I’m not even pregnant. I discovered that vulnerable women are being given advice that is both biased and manipulative – and could easily make them feel pressured into making a decision they will regret later….

    My first call was to Marie Stopes, a nationwide network of sexual health clinics that provide private and NHS abortions….

    Questioned about the size of the foetus, or the risks of infertility caused by abortion, [the counselor] said ‘You’ll have to talk to a nurse about that’, or ‘I don’t have the exact statistics’.

    Nevertheless, the message seemed very much to be that abortion was the best option. ‘It goes against our very nature to have an abortion,’ she said. ‘But we do things every day that go against our very nature.’

    This was followed by: ‘You want what you want… ?is it worth having a child because you don’t want to deal with a bit of guilt?’…

    The session came to an abrupt end after 29 minutes and I left not knowing the medical or emotional side-effects of abortion. Keeping the baby was not seen as an option at all. I thanked my lucky stars that I wasn’t scared and pregnant for real.

  • Biopolitical Times discusses the trend of some IVF practitioners to promote social egg freezing:

    In most of the media coverage, the take-away message is that egg freezing is an unproblematic boon. NPR’s article, for example, carries the conclusive title, “Egg Freezing Puts The Biological Clock On Hold” and reports that fertility doctors “envision a time when society considers freezing eggs an act not of desperation but of empowerment.” The Vogue piece declares, “Stopping the biological clock through egg freezing has long been the ultimate feminist fantasy.”

[Photo by Nick Holt via MailOnline]

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