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  • Gallup’s web site notes areas where a majority of people describing themselves as pro-choice and pro-life both favor certain policy decisions on abortion. They include having abortion legal to save the life of the mother, protect the health of the mother and when a woman is raped.

    They also both favor a variety of abortion restrictions including banning abortion in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

    What I find truly interesting is that only 68% of self-described pro-lifers favor banning partial-birth abortion while 90% favor banning all second trimester abortions. That leads me to believe a lot of self-described pro-lifers have fallen for the lie that partial-birth abortions were performed for health reasons.

  • The Summer of Mercy 2.0 has wound down and the NOW still has talking points from the 1970’s:

    National Organization for Women president Terry O’Neill [pictured left] said abortion services and abortion research were necessary.

    “Do you know what happens in areas where here are no abortion providers?” O’Neill asked. “That is when women try to self abort and predatory butchers set up shop in the back alleys for women to terminate their pregnancies in unhygienic ways. So what we need is good health care including excellent abortion care.”

  • Indian authorities sealed 2 hospitals (they sound more like clinics) for performing illegal abortions which may have been sex-selection abortions:

    The BMC sealed the operation theatre of Shabnam Hospital in Govandi’s Baiganwadi area after reports that a 6-month-old foetus was abandoned by the hospital’s owner, Dr. Diwan Gupta, and the child’s mother, Yasmin Khan, a resident of Mumbra.

[O’Neill photo via salem-news.com]

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